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Mike O'Donnell Wins 660 Shootout
Scott Niles Runner-Up

Rick Hozjan Wins Twisted Race
John Nahodil Runner-Up

FnF Rulebook    50/50 One-Shot Rules
As always at FnF Racing

Quick Rules

Open to all vehicles

***(electronic cars NO crosstalk, throttle stops must remain at one setting)***

Entry fee's vary. See flyers for details.
1/8 and 1/4 mile .500 full tree bracket racing.
Three rounds of group qualifying.
Fully laddered from qualifying on reaction time.
Lane choice to higher qualified driver in every round.
Payouts and trophies to winner/runner-up.

Free Consolation race after first round.
Open to all first round losers.
Fully laddered from original group qualifying.
Lane Choice to higher qualified driver in every round.
Trophy to winner/runner-up.


About FnF Racing
FnF Racing is a club for family and friends to get together and enjoy some fun at the DragStrip. There are no dues or memberships fees required. It is not in any way, shape or form a business or profit making organization. All proceeds from the gambler style races held are returned to the racers in the form of cash on race nights to the winner and runner up or in the form of an award at seasons end. The races held are gambler style races that are open to all competitors.